Renewals & chopping up the Caravan


Couple of news items:

Membership Renewals will automatically occur on 1st November by direct debit.
The renewal fee of £50 for adults or £25 for Juniors (non-family members) will automatically be requested from your direct debit on 1st November.

Chopping up the Caravan
It appears the cheapest way to get rid of the caravan (in order to make way for a container) is to chop it up & take it down the dump in bits.
We need your help – the plan is to start tomorrow morning around 10:30 Sunday 13th Oct, by moving stuff from the caravan into the clubhouse (temporarily), and then cutting up the caravan into bits to take down the dump. It will be a lot quicker/easier if you can help out – especially by taking some of it down to your local dump in your car.

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