Safety Rules

For all safety matters related to the use of model aircraft always refer to the BMFA handbook.
The runway in use will be determined by the wind direction and the appropriate circuit pattern should be used (see flying patterns).
When using the south or east runways, climb straight ahead after take off and at a safe height always turn away from the parking area.
Whenever there is more than one pilot flying pilots must stand in the pilots area once their aircraft is airborne.
They may stand by their aircraft prior to take off and walk to the threshold for landing if required, but in all cases permission must be obtained from the other pilots before walking or taxiing onto the runway in use.
Dead stick has priority over landing and landing has priority over take off.
Always state your intentions clearly and make sure the other pilots are aware of your requirements.
The dead area of the unused runway may be used for helicopter, DLG or drone flying provided the fixed wing pilots flying are made aware of this.
NO transmitters are to be taken onto the active runway.
No noise generators may be used at the site (club power generator excepted – situated outside the site).
Running motors for test purposes may be carried out in the pit area provided the model is facing away from people, property and is restrained.
Please keep the site tidy by taking away any litter you bring to the site or dispose of it in the garbage bin.
The site landlord and other members have the right to request membership cards to be shown at any time.
Failure to do so may result in not being able to fly so always carry it with you when on site.
Observe a 10 mph speed limit on the approach road.
REMEMBER There is a First Aid Kit and a Fire Extinguisher in the Club Hut for emergency use