Club Secretary, Registration & Test, Bring & Buy, Container & ClubHouse facilities !


Despite the poor weather there’s been a lot going on !

Club Secretary
We’re very pleased to annouce Will Freeman as our new club secretary – I’m sure you join us in welcoming Will to the committee.

Registration & Test
With recent news from the BMFA that the new ¬£9 registration can be handled through BMFA membership, it greatly simplifies the process for all of us; plus we can choose to either take the online test, or instead take the BMFA ‘A’ Cert which has to be a lot more useful & meaningful. If you’re interested in taking the ‘A’ cert please get in touch with Noel¬†

Bring & Buy
The Bring & Buy at the LMA show went well, and we should continue with Barry’s idea to have our own bring & buy at the club. The only question is it better to have one before or after xmas ?? – let us know your thoughts.

Container & Clubhouse facilities !
Keith & David have been busy ! – the new container for the lawn mower has been delivered & they are busy sorting out a generator, heating, lighting & electricity in the clubhouse. Rupert is kindly donating a Microwave & Keith has already brought a kettle.
Wow ! – if you see a hobo in the clubhouse, don’t worry it’s Keith moving in !

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