Hello to all members

By | 24th December 2019

Another year has flown past!!(no pun intended) And the weather has not been kind over the last few months, but I hope it has given you all time to write your note to Santa for lots of new kit??

The club has achieved so much this year, what with the New Club house, which now even boasts electric power too!! thanks to the great efforts of Dave and Keith and all of you who helped make this possible. The container now hosts the generator, and the lawn mover, so things have moved forward in leaps and bounds this year, for us all to enjoy the benefits in the new season ahead.

I would like to say a big thank you to Paul Hennell, for his tireless efforts in making the clubhouse project come to fruition, and all his work for the club in his roll as Secretary.

Just a reminder that the BMFA fees are now due, (to include CAA registration), so for anyone who has yet to sign on to their site, take the quick RCC test(if you don’t hold A Certificate or above) and pay your fee, perhaps the festive break will give you a chance to do this little job?

On behalf of your committee I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and A Happy flying filled NEW YEAR


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