Congrats to the ‘A’ Team

The ‘A’ Team
4 brave members took their ‘A’ cert test yesterday – Noel is pleased to say all passed with flying colours!

Congrats to – Rupert, Keith, Chris & Steve – the ‘A’ team (I think we all know who Keith is…)

More ‘A’ cert practice sessions will be arranged – usually Sundays (I will send an email round), so please come along & help each other out.

Prepping for the ‘A’ Cert

Following the initial session last Sunday (thanks to Noel), I’ve extracted relevant content from the BMFA documents – to make it easier to understand what we need to do for the fixed wing ‘A’ Cert.
I hope you find this information useful

About the test Mandatory Questions and Answers
Guide to the Test * Mandatory Questions Quiz
BMFA Members Handbook (extract)A Cert Quiz
* written from the examiners pov

We’re meeting up again on Sunday 9th June 1pm for more practice & to help each other.

Don’t worry if you missed the 1st session – we’ll go through it all – over & over until it sinks in !

Hope to see you there.

​’A’ cert Training day – Sunday 2nd June 10:45am

​’A’ cert Training day – Sunday 2nd June 10:45am

Noel is giving an  ‘A’ cert training day on Sunday 2nd June, starting at 10:​45am – this is great opportunity so I hope you can make it.

​It’s worth coming along – even if you’re a complete novice/beginner – the purpose of the test is to give some structure & purpose around your learning.

There is a quite a lot of crossover in the test between fixed wing and drones/multi-rotors – so both groups are welcome.

Floored and Painted

Thanks to all for helping to get this over the line – it’s been a lot of work, but well worth it.

Here it is – a little more painting to finish off, otherwise job done.

Here’s a view of the club – not just a patch of ground anymore !



Stuart and Will – floor fitters available for hire



Epic Weekend – Almost there !

Fantastic weekend – here’s some pictures of the Epic team effort.

Thanks so much to all – just the floor & painting to do !

Above: It starts out looking a bit like a playpen..

Above: James – slacking on the job

Above: Is Rob the next Harrison Ford ?

Above: Nigel has the shingles under control…

Above: Security – if you want to get in you need to get past the “boyz”

Above: View from the inside & David mowing the runways


Get Ready for the Build – 23rd/24th March

The Base is almost ready  (see below) – Put the weekend of 23rd/24th March in your diaries !

This is what we are building !

Full build instructions will come with the delivery – in the meantime use these links to read up on what’s involved, and what you need to bring.


Base Panels *Log Cabin websiteBuild VideoPrep
Main BuildRoof ShinglesFloorFAQ

* We’ve completed step1 for the base !
– see previous posts & finishing touches yesterday. Thanks to Rupert for hiring the “whacker”

Above: The 3 Amigos – Keith, Rupert & Stuart…

Another GroundPrep Day

You’ve heard of GroundHog day right ? – well this was another GroundPrep day.

This time it was shuttering & spreading out 6 tons of gravel – that will form the sub-base.

Above: Keith warns of the danger of touching his shuttering…

Watch out – you don’t want to make him angry.
Steve – on the right here, appears unaware that Jim has buried his car keys…

Ground prep for the Clubhouse begins !

On a warm sunny day in February ! – we made a start on the ground prep for the new Clubhouse.

Keith marked out the area & we dug out the top layer of turf.   It was hard work !

Will directs, whilst Russ gets the job done…

Near the end now – we did get to do some flying afterwards. Thanks to all for your help – including Pedro who turned up with some cold beers !!

2018 AGM

Despite the weather, the 2018 AGM was well attended & there was plenty to be discussed – please see the Meeting Minutes for more information.

AGM – Sunday 23rd Sept, 2pm at the club

 The AGM is Sunday 23rd September, 2pm at the club (we’ll issue an agenda in due course) – we hope you can make it & please let me know if there’s anything you wish to raise.
Also, we have permission from the Farmer to camp again – that weekend Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd (we will clear up by mid-day on the Sunday so that there is plenty of room for everyone to park for the AGM). You are welcome to bring your tent, camper, caravan etc – or just turn up and fly/chat as usual.
There will be some night time flying & Stuart is bringing his barbeque, so bring some food with you.
Many thanks & I look forward to seeing you at the club soon.