Welcome to SWEF

On behalf of the committee, welcome to the South Warwickshire Electric Flyers.
We are a small friendly club with a limit of 70 members, with a wide range of experience from complete beginners to 3D experts.
We fly radio controlled electric models of all types.
Safety and good manners is a high priority and with that in mind I would kindly ask you to read the safety rules and flight patterns (see the menu above).
These are designed to ensure we can all fly together safely, maintain an accident free record and keep good relations with our landlord and neighbours.
When visiting the club, and before flying, please ensure to greet other members, familiarise yourself with the surroundings, weather conditions and always keep safety in mind.
If you are a beginner or need guidance/assistance then just ask – we are happy to help.
I hope you enjoy flying with us and that your membership of the club is a long and happy one.

Keith Walpole