Coronavirus Update

By | 25th March 2020

Hello again all,

I have received an update from the BMFA, regarding the escalation in the Coronavirus pandemic. They are advising, along with government directive, that we all stay at home until matters improve, and that all club flying should STOP, until further notice.

Therefore, I would ask you all to act responsibly, and take it that the club is CLOSED for flying until further notice.

Thanking you all in anticipation for your cooperation and understanding in these very difficult times. I wish you all well and safe keeping, and look forward to meeting again to enjoy our hobby when the situation has improved.

Best wishes


One thought on “Coronavirus Update

  1. David Melville

    How long!
    I wonder if we can soon, officially, make a visit to Kinightcote.
    If we’re allowed to take the dog out, will I be allowed to exercise my helicopter!
    Watching this space expectantly!
    Best wishes all.

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