Coronavirus Update

Hello again all,

I have received an update from the BMFA, regarding the escalation in the Coronavirus pandemic. They are advising, along with government directive, that we all stay at home until matters improve, and that all club flying should STOP, until further notice.

Therefore, I would ask you all to act responsibly, and take it that the club is CLOSED for flying until further notice.

Thanking you all in anticipation for your cooperation and understanding in these very difficult times. I wish you all well and safe keeping, and look forward to meeting again to enjoy our hobby when the situation has improved.

Best wishes


Coronavirus and us

Hello to all members,

On behalf of your committee, we hope you are all bearing up under this awful threat to our health and well being that the world is going through.

The BMFA have posts on their website, that seem to have regular updates to it’s members. The consensus seem to be, take the necessary precautionary measures to safe guard yourselves and other club members, if you attend the club site. If you feel in anyway unwell, or are suffering ill health, then please keep yourself in self isolation.

If you use the club house or toilet facilities, please respect your fellow members and leave the area clean, tidy and free of any rubbish / litter, and please, the same goes for the flying field.

Please keep your  post’s coming on your club forum, so that we can all stay in touch and move forward to better things as the months pass.

Here’s to happier times



Hello to all members

Another year has flown past!!(no pun intended) And the weather has not been kind over the last few months, but I hope it has given you all time to write your note to Santa for lots of new kit??

The club has achieved so much this year, what with the New Club house, which now even boasts electric power too!! thanks to the great efforts of Dave and Keith and all of you who helped make this possible. The container now hosts the generator, and the lawn mover, so things have moved forward in leaps and bounds this year, for us all to enjoy the benefits in the new season ahead.

I would like to say a big thank you to Paul Hennell, for his tireless efforts in making the clubhouse project come to fruition, and all his work for the club in his roll as Secretary.

Just a reminder that the BMFA fees are now due, (to include CAA registration), so for anyone who has yet to sign on to their site, take the quick RCC test(if you don’t hold A Certificate or above) and pay your fee, perhaps the festive break will give you a chance to do this little job?

On behalf of your committee I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and A Happy flying filled NEW YEAR


Club Secretary, Registration & Test, Bring & Buy, Container & ClubHouse facilities !

Despite the poor weather there’s been a lot going on !

Club Secretary
We’re very pleased to annouce Will Freeman as our new club secretary – I’m sure you join us in welcoming Will to the committee.

Registration & Test
With recent news from the BMFA that the new £9 registration can be handled through BMFA membership, it greatly simplifies the process for all of us; plus we can choose to either take the online test, or instead take the BMFA ‘A’ Cert which has to be a lot more useful & meaningful. If you’re interested in taking the ‘A’ cert please get in touch with Noel

Bring & Buy
The Bring & Buy at the LMA show went well, and we should continue with Barry’s idea to have our own bring & buy at the club. The only question is it better to have one before or after xmas ?? – let us know your thoughts.

Container & Clubhouse facilities !
Keith & David have been busy ! – the new container for the lawn mower has been delivered & they are busy sorting out a generator, heating, lighting & electricity in the clubhouse. Rupert is kindly donating a Microwave & Keith has already brought a kettle.
Wow ! – if you see a hobo in the clubhouse, don’t worry it’s Keith moving in !

Caravan Respite !

At the 11th hour, we got a message from the Farmer to say another club will take the Caravan off our hands !

So to those with angle grinders in hand we say stand down men & thankyou.

Renewals & chopping up the Caravan

Couple of news items:

Membership Renewals will automatically occur on 1st November by direct debit.
The renewal fee of £50 for adults or £25 for Juniors (non-family members) will automatically be requested from your direct debit on 1st November.

Chopping up the Caravan
It appears the cheapest way to get rid of the caravan (in order to make way for a container) is to chop it up & take it down the dump in bits.
We need your help – the plan is to start tomorrow morning around 10:30 Sunday 13th Oct, by moving stuff from the caravan into the clubhouse (temporarily), and then cutting up the caravan into bits to take down the dump. It will be a lot quicker/easier if you can help out – especially by taking some of it down to your local dump in your car.

2019 AGM & News

The 2019 AGM was well attended – please see the Meeting Minutes

Other News
– We’ve moved the mower back to the barn until we get a secure container, as it appears the club house was scouted recently by person(s) unknown.
– Paul has decided to stand down from the committee & we all thank him for his efforts. If you are interested in joining the committee as Club Secretary then please contact
– Don’t forget to use the new Members Chat to share info, ask who’s flying & general chat.  Use your email address as the login & your password is your swef no.
– Rupert has arranged a bring & buy at the LMA in Gaydon on the 27th October – so please let him know asap if you would like to bring some RC stuff to sell –

Congrats to the ‘A’ Team

The ‘A’ Team
4 brave members took their ‘A’ cert test yesterday – Noel is pleased to say all passed with flying colours!

Congrats to – Rupert, Keith, Chris & Steve – the ‘A’ team (I think we all know who Keith is…)

More ‘A’ cert practice sessions will be arranged – usually Sundays (I will send an email round), so please come along & help each other out.

Prepping for the ‘A’ Cert

Following the initial session last Sunday (thanks to Noel), I’ve extracted relevant content from the BMFA documents – to make it easier to understand what we need to do for the fixed wing ‘A’ Cert.
I hope you find this information useful

About the test Mandatory Questions and Answers
Guide to the Test * Mandatory Questions Quiz
BMFA Members Handbook (extract)A Cert Quiz
* written from the examiners pov

We’re meeting up again on Sunday 9th June 1pm for more practice & to help each other.

Don’t worry if you missed the 1st session – we’ll go through it all – over & over until it sinks in !

Hope to see you there.